#Five2Watch Photographs

Jo Hislop, Alnmouth, 2014

This week in #Five2Watch we profile five artists who use photography and the human figure in their work.

Selected artists: 

Jo Hislop, Vicky Hodgson, Clair Robins,
Dominic Hawgood and Hester Jones

  • Jo Hislop

  • Vicky Hodgson

    Vicky Hodgson, The Calling, 2014

    The Calling, 2014

    The Calling is a series of portraits of Anglican female priests. I chose to make these portraits because of my interest in photographing cohorts of older working women. I was particularly curious to photograph female priests as they have overcome adversity and prejudice to obtain their rightful place within their profession. Within the 21 years since they were first ordained their numbers have grown to make up a third of all full- time clergy. The first female Bishops were consecrated in 2015.

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  • Clair Robins

    Clair Robins, Polly's Legs, 2015

    Polly's Legs, 2015

    The temporary scars of growing up and investigating the world.
    My daughter Polly.

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  • Dominic Hawgood

    Dominic Hawgood, From the series: Under the Influence, 2014

    From the series: Under the Influence, 2014

    'Under the Influence' has emerged from an interest in trends within evangelical Christianity popular amongst predominately African communities in London. The work is a study into the use of advertising within a specific church, and an exploration of the theatrical practice of deliverance that plays a central role in this belief system. The enigmatic experience of seeing exorcism first hand becomes the inspiration for the series, which engages with topics about authenticity, desire, and the real.

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  • Hester Jones

    Hester Jones, All dressed up with nowhere to go, 2012

    All dressed up with nowhere to go, 2012

    In 1960, my father, then a 16 year-old art student at Hornsey School of Art, snuck into Smithfield Meat Market to photograph the meat, and men at work. 50 years later, with the same Rolleicord camera, I photographed the meat market today, drawing upon the women in clubs, bars and lap dancing venues surrounding the market. Inviting girls and women of varied ages into my studio, far from the clubs and bars, to perform for the imagined male gaze. 

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