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Mental Health for Artists




Axis is proud to present ‘Mental Health for Artists’, a new online season of events for January 2022 promoting wellbeing for creative practitioners and offering hands-on advice for creating healthy boundaries—in our practice and our lives.

From talks, to workshops, to performances, begin 2022 as you mean to go on and make a new year’s resolution to join us for ‘Mental Health for Artists’! Places are limited, so an early sign up is advised to avoid disappointment.

What’s on:

11/1: HOW ARE YOU?—a performance by #Sergina (1pm)


#Sergina (plural) invites you to HOW ARE YOU?, #Sergina's Participatory Soap Opera about Wrestling with Wellbeing in the Digital Age—a lunchtime therapy session that put your wellbeing top of the agenda.

About #Sergina
The alter-ego of Axis member, Elly Clarke, and performed in collaboration with Vladimir Bjeličić, #Sergina is a self-sculpted c-celeb, waiting for her social media presence to take off. In her spare time she writes songs about having her phone in my wallet, waiting to download and that kind of thing. Played (out) on different bodies, she appears in one place or many at once, on screen and on stage. She is waiting for her big break. But she doesn’t like waiting. She doesn’t like waiting for ice cream. She doesn’t like waiting for donuts. She competes with her own image and usually lose. Filters are fabulous. This past year, stuck at home/s, #Sergina expanded her horizons to offer relationship advice webinars and mug and fluffy inside laptop case production. Bring your phone and your data for some top secret sharings. It will be delicious to see you.

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12/1: Axis Book Club presents How to be Hopeful—in conversation with author, Bernadette Russell (7pm)

Bernadette Russell

To celebrate the launch of the new Axis Book Club, start your new year on the right foot with Bernadette Russell’s inspiring read, How to be Hopeful.

How to Be Hopeful is your essential toolkit for rediscovering hope, empowering you to help create a kinder world. As an expert on the multipl benefits of hope and kindness, Bernadette Russell reveals how hope can be nurtured by all of us, even in uncertain times. Filled with 'try this' tips, cutting-edge research and tales of triumph over adversity, this compassionate guide will give you all you need to cultvate hope in yourself, in your community and in our future.

This FREE event takes the form of a conversation between Bernadette and Axis’s Lucy Wright, and there’ll be an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

About Bernadette
"I am a proud champion of kindness, wonder, hope, joy and FUN! I write books and perform original and traditional stories everywhere- including cabarets, sheltered housing, schools, parks, gardens, forests, vintage clothes shops, launderettes, beaches, in peoples beds, once even inside a Police Box! I love being outside and can often be found in the woods. I write stories on walls, chalk poetry onto pavements and leave magical notes inside strangers pockets."

If you’d like to find out more about How to be Hopeful, check out:

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19/1 & 26/1: Self care for artists! TWO participatory workshops with artist and Axis member, Daniel Regan.

(Workshops are stand-alone, so attendance at both sessions is recommended but NOT mandatory)

Daniel Regan

19/1: Self Care for Artists: Bath Bombs & Beyond

‘Bath Bombs & Beyond’
This collaborative session explores what exactly is self care? Looking beyond the early nights and healthy meals, we’ll consider the ways in which we can go a step further in taking care of our minds and bodies by understanding why and how we work.


26/1: Self Care for Artists: In the Workplace—workshop with Daniel Regan
This session will explore self care, boundaries, assertiveness and support in the workplace. We'll navigate tricky topics such as knowing our limits, how we ask for support and how much am I worth?


About Daniel
Daniel Regan is a photographic artist exploring complex emotional experiences, focusing on the transformational impact of arts on mental health, building on his own lived experience. He shoots commissions, personal works, delivers socially engaged projects and provides consultancy in arts & health.
Daniel is Founder and Executive Director of the Arts & Health Hub, a non-profit organisation supporting artists that work in the arts and health sector. His particular interest and focus is on practitioner support for artists with lived experience of mental health difficulties. Previously Daniel worked as the Director of an arts and health charity in the NHS.

To find out more about Daniel's work, visit:

2/2: Axis Book Club presents Make Your Art No Matter What—author talk by Beth Pickens

Beth Pickens

The second of two events marking the launch of the Axis Book Club, join us for a talk by artist coach and author, Beth Pickens about her invaluable handbook, Make Your Art No Matter What.

Beth believes that as artists, we need to make our art—and that is not an overstatement. When we stop making art, our quality of life is diminished. In this talk, you’ll learn new strategies for developing a durable and meaningful artistic practice in the face of inevitable obstacles and distractions.

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11/1: HOW ARE YOU?—a performance by #Sergina (1pm)

12/1: Axis Book Club presents How to be Hopeful—in conversation with author, Bernadette Russell (7pm)

19/1: Self Care for Artists: Bath Bombs & Beyond

26/1: Self Care for Artists: In the Workplace—workshop with Daniel Regan

2/2: Axis Book Club presents Make Your Art No Matter What—author talk by Beth Pickens

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