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This month we're kicking off a new film series 'What do Axis artists do all day?' where we take a behind-the-scenes look at an Axis member and their practice. First up is an interview with Leeds-based artist Alice Chandler. We caught up with Alice at her home studio in Burley, Leeds before moving on to her main studio at Sunny Bank Mills. Alice's practice is informed by the intersection between art, craft and design.

Greetings From The Sick Bed by Jaron Hill

Axis is extremely excited to announce Greetings From The Sick Bed by Jaron Hill, a collection of works that include photography, poetry, and music. This collection is also accompanied by an additional poem by the artist Wolfie Wright.

The release of Greetings from the Sick Bed marks the end of Jaron’s time on the Axis Digital Residency. Over the course of February you can view this collection within our new Axis Viewing Room, which is free to attend and can be accessed here.

To obtain the best viewing experience we recommend you use a desktop computer.

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Missed any of our online events? We sometimes record the events we've hosted and upload them to our YouTube channel. If you've missed any then catch up here. You can watch our Axis Winter Cabaret that took place just before Christmas plus three events from our recent 'Mental Health for Artists' series: Sergina's 'How are you?' lunchtime performance, Bernadette Russell's 'In Conversation on How to Be Hopeful' and Beth Pickens' 'In Conversation on Make Your Art No Matter What'.

This week our digital resident Jaron Hill has selected five works for Five2Watch that they feel resonate with their practice: Caroline Watson, John Paul Evans, Maria McKinney, Janet Sainsbury and David Sherry.

New Art Highlights of the week includes: richard mcvetis, James Moore, Frances Carlile and Adelaide Shalhope.



What do Axis artists do all day? Alice Chandler

First of a new film series looking at Axis members and their practice.


Greetings From The Sick Bed by Jaron Hill

The lastest from our Digital Residency artist Jaron Hill.


Five2Watch: Jaron Hill's selection

A selection of works from our Directory by Jaron Hill.



Weekly selection of works from our Directory.


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Live Out Loud - Conversations with Artists

A collection of conversations with artists and creative practioners about specific topics. Published every week on our website, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple, Google and Stitcher.