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In August 2022, Axis Producer Lucy Wright was the first artist to be invited to undertake a residency at Analogue Farm, a new artist-led community interest company based in Rossendale, in Lancashire. Wright developed a body of work whilst there titled And You Too Have Come Into The World To Do This, which was later exhibited at The Bug in Whitworth in September 2022. You can watch a film about Lucy's residency here.

In April 2016 we were commissioned by Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery to make a film about Gordon Cheung.

We visited Gordon is his South London studio with Tristram Aver, Curator of Temporary Exhibitions at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery. In the film Gordon talks about his processes and techniques and the new body of work he's created for the Here Be Dragons exhibition opening 30 April 2016.

For #Five2Watch this week we've selected five artists who have made work surrounding notions of intimacy, featuring: Tamsin Morse, Fay Ballard, Pak Keung Wan, Alexandra March and Marcelle Hanselaar

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Stephen Anthony Davids, Paul R Jones, Caryl Beach and Jan Lee Johnson



Lucy Wright at Analogue Farm

A film about Axis Producer Lucy Wright's recent residency.


Gordon Cheung film

A film we made about London-based painter Gordon Cheung.



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