In 2015 I was invited to work in and install work for the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Arts (NGCA) Project Space. My work normally involves walking alone in the outdoors, for considerable distances, keeping off the paths, striding out and ‘contouring’ through remote moorland and other places above 600 metres. Through a passage of movement incorporating walking and dancing I have documented elements of my life since the late 1970s. I decided I would bring the indoors out and the outdoors in walking with dancer Sara Wookey in the Dark Peak, Derbyshire and walking with artist Rachel Magdeburg in the NGCA project space.

Rachel and I walked the gallery space while I documented our movements through out the morning. Pacing the space, empty of anything other than ourselves, our rucksacks, my outdoor walking paraphernalia (rucksack, vacuum flask, compass, and my camera equipment. We reflected on our indoor walking in the gallery space and our own memories of installing exhibitions and invigilating shows.

After lunch George came to walk with us in the gallery. The walking the space for the last time, walking the gallery closed, seeped into our conversations about how he and Rachel and I felt about walking a space that would not longer be used as a gallery.