In May 2018 I took time out from writing my PhD on women, walking and art to walk on Ronskley Moor on Friday 4th May and Ridgewalk Moor on Thursday 10th May. I photographed my experiences of walking with iphone and camera and posted these images to the Edgework Instagram account wherever I could find a signal.

I was walking in an area of the Dark Peak, Derbyshire that I have been getting to know in more detail since 2010. This knowledge and experience of an area of open moorland allows me to wander or contour without checking the map too often - that is if its a good clear day.

The first day I kept to a track walking from Howden Reservoir to the shooting cabin in Lower Small Clough via River Westend and back without finding a signal. Posting the first images on my way back for a cup of tea in Hathersage. The second day was much more successful because I walked into several signals between Linch Clough and Grinah stones at 595 m. The second days walking was mostly off the usual footpaths. I used the map to take compass bearings and to orientate myself to the landscape and once this was done and because the day was dry and clear I was able to wander more or less knowing where I was on the map.