Approved: 01.03.2008

Anna Chrystal Stephens

Artist, Gallery educator, Maker, Writer

Approved: 01.03.2008

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      Artist Statement

      Anna Chrystal Stephens is an artist using sculpture, action and photography to
      explore living strategies and sustainability, investigating ancient
      practices like harvesting wild plants for use as food, material and
      medium. She looks at how outdoor skills and analogue craft processes
      can alter relationships between humans and habitats, diffusing the
      frontier between domestic and outside environments. She gathers and
      disperses environmentally centered survival skills and processes through
      research, walks, discussions and public workshops which investigate
      how these skills can be transformative and empowering. Anna’s recent
      solo/duo exhibitions include Something In Both Pockets at Lewisham Art

      House, Anorak at SPACE (London) and Something Biting at Folkestone
      Fringe. Whilst based in London Anna also worked as part of Vulpes
      Vulpes with 3 other artists, organising exhibitions alongside a shared art
      practice. Since returning to the South West she has been commissioned
      to produce socially engaged projects for Hospital Rooms, Somerset Art
      Works, Promenade and Od Arts Festival.

      CV & Education

      Water Histories, Somerset Art Works (Year-long socially engaged solo commission 2022-2023. Showcase event 28-29 April 2023)
      Gloaming, Weven, Stroud
      Something In Both Pockets, Lewisham Arthouse, London (duo) (2022-23)
      Breaking Bread, Broadway Gallery, Letchworth
      London Open, Whitechapel gallery, London
      Torbay Hospital – A Hospital Rooms (org) Project, artwork for permanent display in Salus Ward & exhibition at MAKE Southwest.
      Sometimes Biting, Sometimes Bit, Urban Room, Kent
      Feral Practice and Anna Chrystal Stephens
      Better Food Future, The World Food Forum + Figurative Vertigo
      Companions, Forum Box, Helsinki, 2021
      Niina Lehtonen Braun, Maria Duncker, Minna Haukka, Harriet Hill, Rachael House, Jasmine Johnson, Heidi Kilpeläinen, Kristin Luke, Maria Mahfooz, Emily Mulenga, Mimosa Pale, Rachel Pimm, Sister Library Mumbai, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Ilona Valkonen, Alice May Williams, Feminist Library and Queer Zine Library
      Plymouth Contemporary, Karst and Levinsky Gallery, Plymouth
      Camilla Alberti, Chris Alton, Bridgette Ashton, Bruce Asbestos, Kelly Best + Herbivore, Caroline Bugby, Gordon Dalton, Kez Dearmer, Stephanie Douet, Nick Ervinck, Rosalind Faram, Damian Griffiths, Andy Harper, Sadie Hennessy, Will Hughes, Seungjo Jeong, Dean Knight, Molly Erin McCarthy, Charlotte McGuinness, James Moore, Paula Morison, Sang-Mi Rha, Janet Sainsbury, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Jennifer Taylor, Marianne Walker, Kate Williams and K. Yoland
      Alone with Everybody, Twineworks, OSR Projects, Od Arts Festival, West Coker
      (group exhibition)
      Precarious Straits, TOMA + The Old Waterworks, Southend-on-sea
      Adam Hogarth, Amy Pennington + Sophie Chapman, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Emma Edmondson, Lolly Adams, James Ravinet. Jerome. Louise Ashcroft, Raju Rage, Sara Trillo, Sean Roy Parker, Sofia Niazi, Solidarity Syndicate, The right lube, UNMundernewmanagement
      Anorak, Hardwick Gallery, Cheltenham
      (solo exhibition)
      The Long Revolution, Ex Baldesarre, Bedford
      Andy Holden, Ackroyd & Harvey, Artist Taxi Driver, Becky Beasley, Rustan Stoderling, Mark Baumer, Andrew Kotting, Kitty Clark, Anna Crystal Stephens
      Anorak, SPACE, Mare Street, London
      (solo exhibition)
      May/ The Know Show, The Edge Art Centre, Bath
      October/ The Woodland World, Feral Practice, Shoreham Woods
      Fiona MacDonald, Molly Maitland, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Glenn Morris
      September. Know How, The Edge Art Centre, Bath
      Avant Gardening, Emma Smith, Gayle Chong Kwan, Sandra Porter, Sovay Berriman, Vulpes Vulpes, LOW PROFILE, The Decorators, Will Shannon
      July/ There Are No Firm Rules, Site Gallery, Sheffield
      Anna Chrystal Stephens & Glen Stoker
      December/ The Artist Proposes, Site Gallery, Sheffield
      Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Laura Wilson, Anna Chrystal Stephens & Glen Stoker
      November/ The Blue Project 
      Elaine Reynolds, Berry Pattern, Vulpes Vulpes
      June/ Structural Object, Curated by Linda Persson, House Project 27, London
      Bridget Currie, Alison Currie, Peter Eccher, Lauren Godfrey, Kate McMillan, Benjamin A Owen, Linda Persson, Laure Prouvost, Ross Taylor, Anna Chrystal Stephens 
      February/ Foyle Foundation Exhibition, Four Corners, London
      Anna Chrystal Stephens, Leah Gordon, Melanie King, Sophy Rickett and Spencer Rowell
      January/ PIGDOGANDMONKEYFESTOS Curated by Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter
      Aid and Abet, Larry Achiampong & David Blandy, ASP, BAZ, Mark Beasley, Mathieu Beausejour, Shane Bradford, Kerry Campbell, Billy Childish & Harry Adams, Ami Clarke, Leigh Clarke, Common Culture, Leslie Deere, Arnaud Desjardin, Doyle & Mallinson, Benedict Drew, Patti Ellis, Plastique Fantastique, Laura Oldfield Ford, Anna Francis, Simon Fujiwara, Andrew Gilbert, Kenneth Graham, Oona Grimes, S Mark Gubb, Lucy Harrison, Emma Hart, Emma Holmes, Stewart Home, Kevin Hunt, kennardphillips, Dean Kenning, Peter Lamb, Abigail Lane, Cedar Lewisohn, Sarah Lucas, Dominic from Luton, Jenny Moore, Harriet Murray, Richard Paul, Mark Pearson, The Cult of Rammellzee, Clunie Reid, Tanja Ritterbex, Katie Schwab, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Melanie Stidolph & Max Catterall, Neil Taylor, Pat Rock, Jennet Thomas, Sarah Thorley, Jessica Voorsanger, Vulpes Vulpes, Alice Walton,Frank Wasser
      October/ Dodging Definition [performance], Make Use -Squatting the Cally Walk-, London
      Diana Shelley, Maggie McDonald, Donald Gardner, Anna Chrystal Stephens and Hadiru Mahdi, project by: Carla Wright
      September/ Horizontal Assembly, V&A Museum, Friday Lates -Art Licks-, London
      September/ The Event [End of residency presentation and performances], Aid & Abet/ Wisbech Arts Colony, various venues; Wisbech Town
      Paul Johnson, Lois Williams, Anna Chrystal Stephens
      August/ Parlour [residency exhibition], Airspace Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent
      Hadiru Mahdi, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Laurie Storey Carla Wright (Vulpes Vulpes collaboration)
      May/ Terra, Passport to Pimlico [Event], London
      Anna Chrystal Stephens and Carla Wright
      February/ Vorkurs, Standpoint Gallery, London
      Adam Burton, Paul Bailey , Edward Cotterill, Ruth Ewan, Georgie Manly, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Adam J B Walker, Carla Wright
      September/ A Cultivar, Abilene Gallery, Brussels
      Hadiru Mahdi, Anna Chrystal Stephen,s Laurie Storey Carla Wright (Vulpes Vulpes collaboration) 
      July/ Folk Enclaves [performance] I Can Be Yours, Keef Winter, publication launch, X Marks the Bökship
      Keef Winter, Hannah Newell, Douglas Park, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Tom Fox
      January/ Magnum Opus, N/V Projects, London
      Darren Banks, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Simon Davenport, Leo Fitzmaurice, Matthew Johnstone, James McLardy, Daniel Shanken, Gesa Troch, Lewis Teague Wright, Nina Wakeford 
      December/ Glorious Estate, Bruno Glint Gallery, London
      Anna Chrystal Stephens, Keef Winter, Carla Wright 
      November/ Kiss The Future, Schwartz Gallery, London
      William Angus-Hughes, Rimma Arslanov, Vasilis Asimakopoulos, Andrew Child, Inez de Coo, Matt Gee, Virginia Hartnall, Jim Howieson, Hui-Hsuan Hsu, Jaykoe, Heena Kim, Colin Legge, Ashok Mistry, Yana Naidenov, Erin Newell, Ikuyo Omura, Elsa Philippe, Thomas Poeser, Liz Rodda, Jason Seeley, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Tyler Vipond, Carla Wright. 
      October/ Art Licks Annual, ICA, London. (Vulpes Vulpes collaboration) 
      Aaron Angell, Space In Between, Ché Zara Blomfield, Luke Drozd, Tom Ensom, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Edward Fornieles, Andrea Francke, Gandt, Ian Giles, Luke Hart, They Are Here, Jeremy Hutchison, James Irwin, Paul Kindersley, John Lawrence, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Kit Merritt, Jammie Nicholas, Tamarin Norwood, Or-bits, Eddie Peake, Hannah Perry, Copenhagen Place, Sabrina Ratté, Sophie Risner, Ilona Sagar, Tom Saunderson, Rosalind Davis, Aoife Van Linden Tol, Vulpes Vulpes, group+work, Rehana Zaman (and more). 
      October/ Salon Art Prize, MRA Project Space, London
      July/ Goldsmiths Postgraduate Exhibition
      June/ Edges, Latymer Projects, London
      Anna Chrystal Stephens, David Spraggs, Carla Wright 
      June/ Approach Togetherness
      Adam Burton, Adrianna Palazzolo, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Ben Garrod, Bess Shipside, Carla Wright, Hadiru Mahdi, Jonathan P Watts, John Rodgers,
      Lawrence Leaman, Laurie Storey, Reuben Bowles 
      July/ Interim Exhibition, Goldsmiths, New Cross, London
      May/  Comfort Tones, Project/Number, London
      Tom Crawford, Leo Fitzmaurice, Ben Garrod, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Lee Stone, Laurie Storey, Carla Wright 
      April/ The Second Attempt of Phane Turglo, Lewisham Arthouse, London
      Stephane Blumer, Choterina Freer, Gloria Houng, Woo Jin Kim, Sally Kindberg, Gyuwon Lee, Jin Han Lee, Daniela Montenegro, Anna Stephens and Nina Wakeford 
      Salon 10, Four Corners Gallery, Bethnal Green, London
      We Interventions, Walcot Chapel, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath
      Anna Chrystal Stephens, Adam Burton, Ben Garrod, Laurie Storey, Carla Wright 
      Changing The Nature, Vulpes Vulpes Gallery, London
      Ann-Marie James, Ally Mellor, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Iain Hales, James Page, Robert Fearns, Scott Massey, Yolande Kenny 
      Bright Newcomers, The Bowie Gallery, Totnes
      Patrick Goddard, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Tom Butler, Kate Russo, Irene Prince, Will Amery 
      Modern, Tudor Renaissance Fantasy, [interactive installation commissioned by 2nd Birthday for Sideshow] [event], Bournemouth 
      Salon, Islington Art Factory, London
      What Is Crime, 198 Gallery, London
      Davy Jones, Catherine Lindsey Davies, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Alex Masi, Reyaz Limalia 
      Antigone, Vulpes Vulpes, London  
      Annie Attridge, Adam Burton, Anna Chrystal, Dora Garcia, Patrick Goddard, Bruce Ingram,Matthew The Horse, Scott Massey, Catalina Niculescu, Herman Steinmeitz, Laurie Storey, Sophie Wiltshire and Carla Wright 
      Rose Tint My World, The Agency Gallery, (S.T.O.R.A.G.E) London - solo 
      Annual Open, Cafe Gallery, London  
      Open Eyes, The Ariel Centre, Totnes
      The Naked Truth, The Bowie Gallery, Totnes
      One Week, Maverick Show Room, London
      Climate for Change, Circle Community Projects, London


      2010-2012/ MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths University, London
      2003-2006/ BA in Fine Art, Bath Spa University, Bath
      2002-2003/ Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Exeter College