Approved: 16.08.2006

Antony Hall

Artist, Gallery educator, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Researcher

Approved: 16.08.2006

My practice spans many mediums; drawing, sculpture and sound-art. The work often takes the form of scientific experiments inspired by natural phenomena, such as the physical behaviour of liquid, animal physiology, or sensations of human perception. Experiments are re-created and re-performed often using low tech equipment and domestic materials. These are usually precariously balanced systems existing

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Artist Statement

My practice spans many mediums; drawing, sculpture and sound-art. The work often takes the form of scientific experiments inspired by natural phenomena, such as the physical behaviour of liquid, animal physiology, or sensations of human perception. Experiments are re-created and re-performed often using low tech equipment and domestic materials. These are usually precariously balanced systems existing on the cusp of perception. Therefore, these processes require active participation and often take the form of workshops or performance-like events.

CV & Education


Antony Hall CV 



Education and Qualifications
2002 MA. Art as Environment, Manchester Met University,

1999 BA. Hons. 1st. Fine Art Sculpture, University of Wales Institute Cardiff,
1999-2014 Owl Project [OP] see Axis profile … 

Solo shows
2013 Prototypes, Untitled Gallery, Manchester UK 
2013 Owl Project, Solo show, Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden. 
2012 Enki Experiment 5, Solo show, Kapelica Ljubljana, Slovenia 
2010 AV festival, (OP Solo Exhibition) Gallery North, Newcastle 
2004 Fluid - Mission Gallery, [solo show] + Catalogue, Swansea. 
2004 Chapman Gallery, [solo] Salford. 
2003 ‘Oscillation’ [Solo show] ARUP space, Oxford street, Manchester
2000 Modus Operandi, Gallery 39, Mill lane, Cardiff. 

2014 Current - Manchester Museum /Invisible Dust [Owl Project]
2011 Physical Oscillators (Commission/residency) FutureEverything @ Victoria Baths Mcr. 
2009 Radar residency program, Loughborough University 
2009 xxxx Micro research, Berlin 
2005 Alchemy - Research Artist, Manchester Natural History Museum. 
2005 Castlefield Gallery project space, residency + publication, Manchester
2003 Hull Time Based Arts, (OP) residency project.  
2001 - 2004 Artist in residence, University Manchester Institute Science and Technology, Manchester. 

2014 Barnaby Festival [Owl project] Paradise Mill, Macclesfield.
2013 K-Scope [OP commission] Mid Pennine Arts, Turton Tower 
2012 Owl Project/ Ed Carter FLOW, ATL Commission, Cultural Olympiad. Newcastle UK 
2011 Terra, (OP commission) Jerwood Space, London. 
2010 Concrete and Glass, (OP commission), London
2009 Interspecies, ENKI Cornerhouse, Manchester 
2007 Amplitude modulator, Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, FACT Liverpool 
2003 Immediate 3, commission for new work Site Gallery, Sheffield.  

Group Shows 

2013 SCOPE Basel, [Gazelli Art House] Switzerland. 

2013 Design Days Dubai [Gazelli Art House], UAE. 

2013 Dead Data, Rogue Studios Project space Manchester UK 

2013 Android, Piccadilly place, Manchester UK 

2013 Manchester Contemporary, [Untitled Gallery], Manchester UK 

2012 Meta-morph, Kunstmuseum - Gråmølna, Trondheim Norway 

2012 On The Move, Gazelli Art House, Dover St, London, UK 

2011 Elements (Installation) collaboration with UCL, Welcome Trust, London 

2010 UNLEASHED DEVICES, [OP Exhibition] Watermans, London 

2010 Lovebytes [OP Solo Exhibition] Sheffield 

2010 AV festival, [Performance/solo exhibition] Gallery North, Newcastle 

2009 Interspecies, ENKI A-Foundation, London 

2009 Involved Socially, Triple Base Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA 

2009 Les Urbanes Festival (OP Performance) Lausanne, Switzerland. 

2009 Sonic Arts Research Centre (OP Performance) ISEA, Belfast 

2009 Futuresonic, (OP Performance), Cube, Manchester 

2009 Radiator festival, (OP Performance), Nottingham 

2008 Concrete and Glass, (OP), (commission), London 


2008 Host 8: Observatory, Art Sheffield 08, Millennium Galleries. 

2008 Hybrid encounters, Muffatwerk, Munich, DE 

2008 Future of sound, presentation @ Futuresonic festival, Manchester 

2008 Music & Sound Technology Practice in Education, Conference presentation, Doncaster 

2008 A foundation, (OP Performance), Night of the owl, Liverpool 

2008 COLLISION FESTIVAL: (Performance) Area 10 Project Space, London 

2008 Tabletop experiments, (Performance/Installation) Big draw launch, UCL, London 

2008 Serpentine Gallery (OP Performance), London 

2008 Piemonte Share Festival (OP Performance) Shortlist finalists, Share Prize Torino Italy. 

2007 "I RESIDENT" French institute, Prague, CZ 

2007 "Double acts" Phoenix gallery, (OP) Brighton. 

2007 Bios04, Biotechnological and environmental art. CAAC Seville, Spain 

2007 “Into the woods” (OP), Digital well being Labs, London 

2007 Lovebytes (OP) 'Sound chair' commission in collaboration with Mike Abbott, Sheffield 

2007 Sound-network/Folly - commission for audio work (Pod cast) 

2007 Trondheim Electronic Arts Festival, ENKI presentation, Trondheim, Norway 

2007 Art4Lux European forum for emerging creation, Luxembourg 

2007 Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Presentation V2, Rotterdam, NL 

2007 Visiting artist, Folly, Lancaster 

2007 Visiting artist, Creative Technology dept. Salford University 

2007 Panelist, AXIS Dialogues, Art into Science into Art 

2007 International festival of art/science/new technologies, Stone Bell House, Prague, CZ 

2007 Musikprotokoll (OP Performance) Graz, Austria 

2007 Architecture week, (OP Performance) Westminster University, London. 

2006 ENKI, Museum of Science and Industry Manchester 

2006 MUTE Gallery Nottingham 

2006 Audio Art Lab, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh 

2006 Artists and Alchemists, Sherborne house, Sherborne 

2006 Rouge Wave, commission, FACT Liverpool. 

2006 Collective exhibition, International Cite des Arts, Paris. 

2006 BETA conference, ENKI Presentation FACT, Liverpool. 

2006 International Artists Fellowship, Arts council England, 3 month residence ENSAD, Paris. 

2006 Futuresonic06, (OP Presentation/exhibition) MSIM, Manchester 

2006 Visiting artist (Art and science collaborations) MMU Manchester 

2006 Visiting artist (Professional Practice) MMU Manchester 

2006 Sonic Arts Network EXPO, (OP Performance) Manchester. 

2006 Homefires, (OP Performance) Conway Hall, London. 

2005 STAR Radio, (OP) commission Cardiff 

2005 AXIS, Backfabrik, Berlin. 

2005 'Stroll' Futuresonic Festival, Manchester. 

2005 Immediate 3, exhibition, Site Gallery Sheffield. 

2005 Gathering Moss, [OP, commission] Sound Lathe Qarts Derby 

2005 Spike open, Spike Island, Bristol. 

2005 The same but different, Islington Mill, Manchester. 

2003 Thermo 03, The Lowry, Salford. 

2002 Presentness is grace, SpaceX, Exeter. 

2001 Presentness is grace, Arnolfini, Bristol. 

2001 Puddle Vortex. (Solo show) STATION, Phoenix wharf, Bristol. 

2000 Station to Station - SpaceX 2, Old Maritime museum, Exeter. 

2000 Wales Arts International, Milan, Italy. 

2000 Hanover Gallery, 30 Hanover St. Liverpool. 

2000 Chapter Arts Centre, (OP)Cardiff. 

2000 Art at the Macbeth, [OP, solo] Hoxton Distillery, London. 


Grants / awards

2009 Owl Project Best Of Manchester Award, URBIS Manchester 

2008 Arts Council funding award,  Research and development (OP) 

2007 Rolls Royce Science award (2nd) Universe gallery project. 

2005 Research and development grant, Arts Council of England. 

2008 Project space, (OP professional development & mentoring) Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

2004 Oscillation - 'City life exhibition of the year'.  

2004 Artists mentoring APD Scheme, University of Salford. 

2003 Research and development grant, Arts Council of England. 

2003 Research bursary January-April 2003 UMIST. 

2001Arts and Humanities Research Board, Professional vocational award. 

2000 New Visual Artists Grant, Arts Council of Wales. 


Workshops lectures performance

2005 Symbiotica; Biotech/art workshop, Kings College London 

2005 Visiting artist, Lecture/workshops Salford University, Salford 

2005 Side Cinema, (OP Performance) Performance / Workshops, Newcastle. 

2005 Ultrasound (OP Performance) Huddersfield. 

2005 WORM, (OP Performance) Cargo Cult event, Rotterdam. 

2005 Sonic Undergrowth, (OP Performance) Cornerhouse, Manchester. 

2005 Festival Emergencies, (OP Performance) 2 performances, Paris. 

2005 Gauge festival (OP Performance) electronic and performance art, Hull. 

2004 Flux Magazine, CD-ROM commission. 

2004 Infrasence conference, (OP) Commission + workshops Folly, Lancaster. 

2004 Visiting artist, Swansea institute, Swansea. 

2004 Visiting Artist, MMU Manchester 

2004 Chorlton Arts Festival – (OP Performance) Manchester. 

2004 Garage festival, (OP Performance)+catalogue, Stralsund, Germany. 

2004 Matmos, (OP Performance) Eat your own ears, Scala, London. 

2004 Futuresonic aLECTRO ecoustic, (OP Performance) Castlefield Gallery Manchester. 

2004 ‘Learn to see without being seen’ [OP, solo] Tmesis, Manchester 

2004 R_type, BLOC space, Sheffield. 

2003 Redundant Technology Institute, (OP Performance) Sheffield 

2003 Hull time Based Arts, (OP Performance) Performance, Hull. 

2002 Log1k and guitar solos, (OP) Performance Cornerhouse, Manchester. 

2002 M.A.I.S, The good, the bad (OP Performance) Liverpool biennial Duke St. Liverpool. 

2001 Music is better (OP Performance)- Night and day - Manchester. 

2001 Gallery39 summer fete [OP Performance] battle of the bands, Cardiff. 


Publications/reviews (selected): 

2010 See Your Self Sensing: Redefining Human Perception ISBN13: 978 1 907317 29 

2010  'Art & Animals' Giovanni Aloi. ISBN 1848855257, 9781848855250 

2009 Good Woodworking, (OP) Sept. 2009 

2008 Leonardo Music Journal 17 (2007) (OP) My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo 

2008 Blueprint Asia, (OP) Nov. ISSN 1985-3017. 

2008 Wire, (OP) Special report, December 2008 

2007 Xmag #98 p12-13. Prague CZ 

2007 Contemporary Art, Science and Technology (featured work) ISBN:978-7-03-020415-8 

2007 Dars, Periodico di cultura e comunicazione visiva "Enki - dialoghi Iinterspecie"p16-19, . 

2007 Grafik magazine August, (OP) 6 page special report. 

2007 Life-lounge Magazine, (OP) (print article) Australia, 

2007 Prosper magazine, (OP) (print article) USA 

2007 Dazed and Confused, (OP) January, (print article). UK 

2006 UKULA 'Sounds Ideal', issue 1, (OP) (print article). UK 

2006 Metro Art Review, Turnpike gallery. 

2005 La Liberation, (OP) Sept 28th (print article) France. 

2005 Toronto Star, (OP) July 17, 'Like the ipod only with splinters' Canada, 

2004 Metro Art Review, Castlefield gallery Project space. 

2004 AN magazine, Preview, Fluid, & cover image Signposts 2004 April/may04 

2004 City Life, Review 'Fluid'. 

2003 City Life Interview, May 25, p15. 

2003 City Life ‘Private View’ Feb 03, p55 

2002 Artists newsletter, Sign posts: featured artist. 

2002 Art Monthly March, Exhibition review, Emma Safe, p24-25 


Education projects & workshops

2011 Gallery Oldham, workshops for home is where the hearth is. 

2011 Tate Liverpool, Workshops Educational resource development. 

2010 Gallery Oldham, Ferranti themed workshops. 

2010 Tate Liverpool, Big Draw workshops 

2009 Creative Partnerships & Ormsgil School Barrow-in-furness 

2009 Creative Partnerships & Manchester international Festival, FGHS, MCR. 

2009 Art science workshops, Creative Partnerships & Art Gene, Ormsgil School, Barrow-in-furnace. 

2008 Art science workshops, Creative Partnerships & FACT [Lead artist]

2008 Sonic streams, FACT with Liverpool community college Liverpool. 

2008  Creative Partnerships [Lead artist] with St Michael's all angel London. 

2007 Podcast workshop - Lambeth Academy/Arts Catalyst, London. 

2007 TEEP teacher training course, creative use of sound, Mulberry Girls School, London. 

2007 CARA/CAPEUK, Action research project, Universe gallery, Mulberry Girls School, London. 

2007 CARA/CAPEUK [Lead artist] (Action research project) Abbs Cross school, London 

2007 Creative partnerships, Action research project, Moston School, Moston. 

2006 Near Earth, 5 day radio workshop, Round House London. 

2005 Creative Partnerships [Lead artist] Arts Catalyst, Heathbrook School, London. 

2005 CARA/Arts Catalyst Oakley School Kent. 

2005 Creative Partnerships / Arts Catalyst, East of Eden, Sandwich School, Kent. Antony Hall CV 

2005 CARA/Arts Catalyst, [Lead artist] Heathbrooke School, Brixton London. 

2005 Hull Time Based Arts - (OP) 3 day Circuit bending workshop, Hull 

2005 Folly, Commission + workshops. 

2004 Arts Catalyst, art & science project, Deal. 

2004 NESTA/CAPE UK Creative Space project- working with science teachers

2003 ‘Drawing Power’ drawing workshops at the Manchester City Art Gallery. 

2003 Creative Partnerships and Cornerhouse, Manchester 

2003 Creative partnerships, Manchester Art Gallery St Marys RC, 4 workshops.