Hidden Landscapes Project was an Arts Council funded research and development project.

Over the duration of a year that began in September 2012, Christina explored four sites located along the urban fringes of the town Letchworth Garden City, based in North Hertfordshire, UK. Christina’s interest is in the peripheral spaces that straddle the urban and the country, the ‘terrain vague’ that lies just beyond the codes and surveillance of the town. Her focus for this project was on areas showing evidence of current or recent human occupation.

The study involved meticulously recording, mapping and surveying the rubbish and debris from areas within these selected locations in an attempt to read and interpret the hidden narratives, relationships and activities that take place within this complex landscape. A key influence in this research was a dialogue between artist and archaeologist. Through an artistic appropriation of archaeological methodologies, with guidance from North Herts District Council Archaeology Officer, Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews and North Herts Museum Curator Sian Woodward, Christina rigorously scrutinised these marginal places and the inhabitants that are drawn to them. Through this process she was attempting to question our contemporary social and environmental relationships.

The project culminated in a series of public events including an exhibition in the town, an artist talk and a live excavation at one of the chosen sites. Also produced as part of this project was the Hidden Landscape Report, a kind of hybrid document bringing together the poetical and analytical through a series of accounts from the artist's experiences alongside drawings, tables and maps produced as part of the archaeological method of investigation.