Location: The Art House Wakefield

For Sweepings Ellie Collins’ diverse narratives are the catalyst for sound, film and assemblage with thematic cohesion in colour, texture, proximity and form.

Collins favours institutional spaces where she can respond intuitively to features such as carpet, blinds, ledges and radiators.

Sweeping on carpet is frustrating and certain to end in at least partial failure. Embracing futility, the artist rejects ease or perfection in place of something richer, more abstruse and irregular.

The show opens to coincide with The Wakefield Artwalk on the 28th of March 2018, 5pm – 9pm
Wakefield Artwalk: Artist Ellie Collins creates an immersive installation exploring disability, disempowerment and futility through the theme of sweepings. Sound, 3D works, and video combine to create a site-responsive experience for visitors.

Ellie Collins is also showing an audio work from the Sweepings series in the Shape Open 2018 – 'Collective Influence'. Venue: The Art Pavillion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road, London, E3 4QY
Dates: 22nd March 2018 – 5th April, 2018

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