Location: Online - Zoom

This April we are delighted to invite artist and Axis member Elly Clarke into our community to lead on events and activities throughout the month.

Elly Clarke is an artist interested in the performance and burden (‘the drag’) of the physical body in a digitally mediated world, as well as what Elly calls the ‘snapping-to-grid’ of templates both offline and online. Elly explores this through video, analogue and digital photography, music, community-based projects and #Sergina, a multi-bodied, border-straddling drag queen who sings and performs songs about love, lust and loneliness in the mesh of hyper-dis/connection. View Elly's Axis portfolio here
Join us tonight!

...for this collective presentation of an online exhibition created as a result of a 2-hour online curatorial workshop which was led by artist Elly Clarke on the 12th of April. This evening exhibitors will present each other's pieces live on zoom, and there will be an audio visual tour of the exhibition and a chance for conversation.

Exhibitors worked together to playfully curate, conjure up an exhibition out of found objects brought from their homes or workspaces during the 2-hour workshop on the 12 of April.

Through individual and collective writing, role play and discussion, they explored the stories these objects might tell – alone, and in dialogue with others.

They imagined these objects in different disguises – [different drags] - the art object, the archival fragment, the historical artefact, the evidence, and others.

Finally they placed these objects together as an exhibition, complete with interpretative texts and a collectively-written curatorial statement.

This event will NOT be recorded

More info: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/public-opening-dragging-up-the-exhibition-tickets-575751336747