Approved: 12.10.2006

Hilary Barry

Artist, Teacher

Approved: 12.10.2006

Lockdown Statement

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Artist Statement

Lockdown Statement


Over the past few months, during COVID-19 lockdown, I have had the opportunity to think about my art practice/life and what is important in the great scheme of things. The compulsory imposition of time has made me slow down to a pace I have never really experienced before. I am learning how to live in this "new normal"and living in the moment much more. Life has through lack of choices become simpler. 

I have become very attached to my studio in the garden and notice how the light falls on the garden different times of day and the changes in weather. My paintings are inclined to be about the inner and outer world, and my mind has focused on memories. The work has become bolder in colour and in a freer in use of paint. There is a ray of hope a spark of optimism. This has surprised me as I thought I would be continue  to produce dark bleak images as I did at the beginning of the pandemic.

My language is painting, there is something primal about it, the need to make marks is innate, [cave paintings, children’s scribbles]. In my paintings the mark making has become more spontaneous, I can return to a painting and repaint, build up the marks, more layers of glazes or paint. The layering in the painting is about memory, life and painting time. I have at my disposal so many memories of sights, sounds and experiences on which to focus and paint. The most difficult issue will be not to focus too consciously, but to let the work evolve, let the paint dictate. A phrase I once used, which at the time was important but now becomes  more meaningful as the days pass...

CV & Education


M.A. Fine Art        Middlesex University, 2006

B.A. Fine Art         Byam Shaw, London

Foundation:          Bournville, Birmingham


Sept-Oct 2019      Easterly Artists;: People Power, Lowstoft

April-May 2019     Easterly Pop Up: Britten Centre, Lowestoft

Sept - Nov 2016  Selected Group: ‘Autumn’ Boundary Arts , Cardiff 

March  2016         Selected Group “Breath of Nature” Boundary Art, Cardiff

March –May 15    Selected Group: “Breath of Nature” Boundary Arts, Cardiff Bay

July 2015              Selected Group “Summer Show” Abergavenny Art Shop

April 2015              Selected Group “Y Not” Espacio Gallery, London E2

Nov 14 – Jan 15   Selected Group “Borders” Bernard Weatheril House, Croydon

Oct 14 – Dec  15  Selected Group ‘Brynmawr Heritage Festival, Wales

June 2013            Selected Group “Feminist Times” Online

March 2012          Selected Group: 'It Is Green', Cultivate  Vyner Street             

July 2011              Selected Group: 'Oh Open', People & Portraiture. Bethnal Gn

June 2011             Selected Group show: Curated Kings Hill, Kent 

March 2010          Selected Group: 'BRICK', The Gallery in Redchurch Street, 

August 2009         Selected: Cork Street Open. Cork Street. London W1

May 2009              Selected Group; 'CRAC', Hackney Empire. London E8

June 2008 -13      SelectedGroup Show: Curated June Frickleton DMH, London 

April 2008             Selected: ‘Artandaid’, Red Cross Exhibition, Hague, Neths

July 2007 -12        Selected: Barnet Open, Artsdepot, London N12

March 2007          Selected Group: ‘New Art’, Birmingham

March 2007          Selected Group: ‘Women’s Work’ Arts Centre, Basingstoke

February 2007      Selected Group: Show: Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth


Oct 14 – Jan 15  “Landscape and Memory” Psychotherapy Centre, 

                               London NW5

July - Aug 2010    'Sanctuary', Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3

Sept 2009             'Figures in a World', London Psychotherapy Centre, 

                               London NW5 

Oct - Dec 2008     'Change', Cloisters. Pump Court, Inner-Temple, London WC1

April 2007             'What Lies Beneath', Pittstudio & Gallery, Worcester


Nov 2007 - 14      Open Studio: Chocolate Factory. London N22

June 2017 -19      Suffolk Open Studio. Kessingland, Suffolk 

Dec 2017 -19        Open : The Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk