NNF 2020 takeover: FUTURE RADIO - 11th May 2020
We interview project partner Joe Mackintosh from SeaChange Arts in Great Yarmouth, hear new commissioned work from Lucia Scazzocchio and the first of their Audio Postcards from Great Yarmouth, we meet Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2020 artists and collaborators responsible for the art vending machine – The Clunker, Davide Lakshmanasamy & Jake Francis, we hear the news from Maggie Kennedy, we talk with Norwich Local Legend Terry Baine about his fascinating career in Horticulture and Norwich City Council, and again we are joined by guest presenter Victoria Melody.

BBC RADIO NORFOLK - 12th May 2020
https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08bs3w7 (Available till 10th June 2020)
Consisting of a 'Clunker' inspired game, Radio Norfolk's Rob Butler interviews co-creators Jake Francis and Davide Lakshmanasamy alongside featured artists and a live call in.