Acrylic on canvas

In the painting 'Serenade', the impact of technology on the environment and the psyche is conveyed through the transformation of appropriated historical art. Fragmentation of the image symbolises chaos and disturbance of our environment and represents the deterritorialisation of the image in the postmodern era (Deleuze and Guattari). Each fragment contains a digitised and distorted view of a romantic landscape. The lone figure evinces a sense of isolation, instability and anxiety.

The process of transposing a digital image into a physical painting relays my ambivalent relationship with technology and the duality of awe and fear in the digital sublime.

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  • Dimensions: 102cm x 76cm
  • Contexts: Studio practice
  • Artforms: Painting
  • Tags: digital sublime, metacrisis, trauma, transformation, destabilisation, postmodernism, apocalypse