Acrylic on canvas
100cm x 120cm
The painting Tahpuchah depicts the initial phase of the apocalypse archetype, delineating a revelation. A digitally distorted romantic landscape (Albert Bierstadt, Among the Sierra Nevada, 1868) embodies the Romantics' response to the industrial revolution, foreshadowing the impact of the technological age. My process of transposing the digital image into a painting on canvas considers authenticity and the relevance of the contemplative role of painting in contemporary art.

The Baroque Angel (Marcantonio Franceschini, The Guardian Angel, 1717), juxtaposed with digitised Romantic imagery, creates a fusion of historical and contemporary influences. The angel archetype symbolises transcendence and the ability to move between worlds.

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  • Dimensions: 100 x 120
  • Contexts: Studio practice
  • Artforms: Painting
  • Tags: metacrisis, romanticism, Baroque, Sublime, Digital Sublime, Apocalypse, Postmodernism