Approved: 22.03.2010

Timothy Shepard


Approved: 22.03.2010

Psychogeographic wanderings

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Artist Statement

Psychogeographic wanderings

The works in this collection combine photography, collage and memory to create landscape prints based upon my experience of exploring a place. I follow the tradition of wandering around without any particular purpose other than having an unselfconscious sensitivity to its psychogeography which forms and becomes my recalled image in the work I later create. 
I walk with a camera and take many hundreds of photos of whatever catches my eye - multi-faceted views, decontextualised, random and equally given to the significant or insignificant, but which nevertheless document my visual impression of a place. 
The works come together - cutting and pasting hundreds of photographed elements within a laptop,  somewhere between the traditions of East Asian Shanshui or Sansuiga and Western realism - I make no attempt to create an accurate depiction of a place. Instead I set about to depict an impression of a place, drawing upon my feelings of its shifting history - multi-temporal and multi-perspective - an experience of wandering within it - of what then becomes a memory, a thought - whilst the works are entirely composed of photographed elements from the place, shot in their own particular moment - photographed reality. 
I am interested in how I merge the practises which gave much of twentieth century art- making its tension. Those being painting and photography and the dichotomy between the two. On the one hand these works give their representation in a painterly way, whilst on the other they rely on photography to arrive at that representation.

Observation works

scanned cine film frames
Observation works are the result of manually filming a fixed point on a system capturing just a small part of a wide view before the camera, frame by frame at regular intervals over a period of time - these photographed moments along the continuum of the whole system draw attention to an aggregate experience of discrete moments, impermanent and in constant flux, that forms an overall experience of reality.

The neo-confuscious concept of Li (?) holds that everything is patterned according to the order of flow, an idea which also can be found at the root of contemporary system thinking; the understanding of parts in terms of their relationship to and expression of the whole - each point within a system expressing the whole system.

In most instances the works derive from a one frame exposure manually released every ten seconds for one hour, producing 360 frames.
Collaging the individual photographed moments in a sequential order as they were shot reveals a deeper order in the natural formation of a unified composition expressive of a unified wholeness.
Whereas the works are autopoietic, I am intrigued by my own intervention, which lies within the act of observation itself. The contemplative study - meditative, mindful, the aesthetic interplay of consciousness, perception and thought. Whilst physics speaks of the observer effect; the idea that observation alters an observed system - I am intrigued by the philosophical idea of solipsism - the proposal that the very act of observation brings something into existence. 

CV & Education

 CV - Timothy Shepard

Georgetown University, Washington DC. BA (fine art)


Solo Shows:
2013: 10 Grosvenor Street Art Space, Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London
2012-2013 System Observations: National Centre for Atmospheric Research
(NCAR) Boulder Co USA
2012: There are Places I Remember: Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary
2011-2012 System Observations: Centre for the Arts. Boulder Co USA

Group Shows:

2013: Christmas Show, Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary

2013: Sweet'art Freeze, London

2013: Zeitgeist Open 2013, London

2013: 20/21 British Art Fair w/ Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary

2013: Zeitgeist Arts Projects Summer Show, London
2013: Britten Centenary Exhibition, Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary
2013: Photo & Print Salon, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
2013 Discernible, Zeitgeist Arts Projects London
2013 Lookout: Aldeburgh Literary Festival
2013 ReUSe Newbridge Project Space, Newcastle
2013 London Art Fair w/ Caroline Wiseman Modern & Contemporary
2012 Zeitgeist Open, Zeitgeist Art Project, London
2011 UnReal. 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles

Recent Commissions:
2013: Tiffenden Manor: Private Commission, Landscape Collage for owner.
2011: Syntax Magazine by arrangement with English National Opera. Portrait of
Nico Muhly
2011: Syntax Magazine by arrangement with Sadler's Wells. Portrait of Daniel
2009: Palais Ideal, Hauterives France. Landscape Collage which is permanently
exhibited at the entrance to the museum at The Palais Ideal.
2008: Paul Weller. Landscape Collage Cover artwork for #1 album 22 Dreams.
2007: Kevin Ayers. Landscape Collage Cover artwork for album The Unfairground
2005: French Ministry of Culture: Installation: Eye to Eye

2004: Sculpture Centre, Montolieu, France.
2003: Sculpture Centre, Montolieu, France

2012 Associate Producer Feature Documentary The Quiet American Ralph Rucci &
2005-2007 Producer of critically acclaimed Kevin Ayers studio album, The Unfairground
2002: Lecturer in a series on the subject of Flow. Royal College of Art, London
1997-2008 - Studio Assistant for Michael Kidner RA (part time and project based)
1997-2002 Founded and ran Independent label Underground Sounds -- releasing
sample based music on vinyl under the category Pop Collage -- including my own
compositions under the names of Turnbury and Mashed Trip Dimension.
1992: Visiting Tutor. Foundation Course, Central St. Martin's College of Art, Charing
Cross Road, London

Feb 2014, 22 Magazine: Vol 4: Collage 
Feb 2013 Art Of England Magazine: Cover Image for Landscape Special Edition and feature
Sunday Telegraph Magazine: 'Panorama' 20.01.13