• Art. What's the Use?

    Art. What's the Use?

    Lara Eggleton's latest post on her blog Folly Matters wonders whether demanding usefulness from art itself can miss its value.

    • Axisweb
    • 05 August 2015
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  • What is art for?

    What is art for?

    As part of our 'Beyond the Gallery' programme we filmed a series of interviews with the Director of mima and Turner Prize judge Alistair Hudson

    • Mark Smith
    • 26 July 2015
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  • Validation beyond the gallery

    Validation beyond the gallery

    Commissioned research from Manchester School of Art about artists working outside of the gallery system

    • Mark Smith
    • 24 July 2015
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  • Partnership with Arts Media Contacts

    Partnership with Arts Media Contacts

    Take advantage of our exclusive membership offer with Arts Media Contacts

    • Mark Smith
    • 20 June 2015
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